Diep bought a baguette loaf of bread 65 centimeters long. For lunch every afternoon, he cuts 15 centimeters of bread for hissandwich. Diep wants to determine the length of the loaf of bread, 1, after d days. What is the equation of the scenario? Isthe graph of the equation continuous or discrete?165 - 15d, discrete165 - 15d, continuous65 = 1 - 15d, discrete65 = 1 - 15d, continuous

Accepted Solution

Answer:l = 65 – 15d; discreteStep-by-step explanation:15 is the centimeters he cuts off every day, you have to multiply that by D that´s the nomber of days, in order to calculate how much baguette does he have left.If 4 days have passed, the anser would be 5 centimeters:I=65- 15(4)= 65-60= 5